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Low - Words

Many memories. ;-)

I found some CDs in my closet when I reorganized it last weekend and I've been putting them on my iTunes, finally! I am rediscovering all kinds of great music.

Today is a great day! Love that the sun is shining! I took Cash for a 45 minute walk on the parkway and it was lovely. He was pretty exhausted and I found it quite funny when he just laid down in the hallway when we got home!

It has been interesting getting to know the roads and parkway intersections and everything better. Have to find new routes to familiar places because we are one block off Lowry, and they closed Lowry and tore it up for who knows how long. They are continuing the nice boulevard that they started on the other end of Lowry, so it will be nice when it's all done. There are other random spots of road construction around the neighborhood as well. Victory Memorial Parkway is much busier these days!

Off to do some dishes. I still haven't done yesterday's....I was cooking dinner and doing dishes and it really smelled nasty so I opened up the cupboard beneath the sink and there was water in there. It was so gross! Trevor had to run to the hardware store and fix the problem after dumping out the cleaning supplies container that was full of old dishwater....I'm glad it was an easy fix, but I put off being around the sink for as long as I could before trying to do the dishes!

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