bluebird (shesaid) wrote,

The latest.

I'm still around.

This week I made two photobooks. One on Shutterfly and one on Snapfish. One I got free with mycokerewards points and one i thought was free due to a blog I read but they were wrong.

I hung out with my friend Emily and met up with my friend Jahna I haven't seen in years.

I watched a weird New Zealand movie that had Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords in it called Eagle vs. Shark.

I felt weird and down and uncomfortable on Tuesday and then realized on Wednesday that Tuesday was a full moon. Never fails.

I worked out at the gym 3 times and brought my iPod with me for the first time. Went much faster.

I completely cleaned and organized the laundry room.

I cooked a few meals and cleaned up those meals.

I designed invitations for the family wedding shower for Trev's cousin and I'm putting them together this weekend.

I went to City Matters class and had really good discussion about identity. Next Monday is the last class. I'll be sad that it's over.

I thought about updating my amazon wishlist birthday is the 31st. I'll be 29.

I looked for jobs and tried not to get too frustrated.

Now I must get a few more things done before Trevor gets home. We are driving to Fergus to stay at James and Michelle's house for the night and then drive back home tomorrow. Our friend Jen is house-sitting/dog-sitting (J&M have two cats).

Hope you all are having a good week!








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