bluebird (shesaid) wrote,

Lost returns

Tonight the 3-hour finale of season 4 of Lost is airing on ABC from 7-10 central.
Next Wednesday is the season 5 premiere of Lost!

Season 5 & 6 will be the last 2 seasons of Lost. Will they answer all our questions? Of all the mysteries and questions, what are you most wanting to know about?

*What are the whispers?

*What is up with Walt? What makes him special and how does it fit in with everything?

*Why does Richard never age and exactly who is he?

*Why did Libby appear in others flashbacks and in the mental hospital with Hurley? Who is she really?

*I want more info about Russeau. What was the sickness?

*Polar bears?

*The monster?

Tags: tv talk

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