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I know about Eloise

Friday we also had a chance to watch Lost.

Lost on Thursday. Wow. It was truly great. I have really liked Desmond's character since he was introduced, and have enjoyed the episodes with his flashbacks. I was happy to see this episode was Desmond-centric. This was one of my all-time favorite episodes. This is going to be all over the place, but nonetheless...

TIME TRAVEL people. Back to time travel but way cooler this time. Side effects....oops.

Penny answered the phone and told Desmond she loved him and that she'll find him! It was awesome. I wish he could have given her more information to find them though.

Why is Penny trying to contact The Freighter? How does she know about it and how to contact it? And why weren't the people on the freighter answering her phonecall?

What was with Widmore trying to purchase the ledger for the Black Rock?

They do indeed "have a friend" on the freighter who opened the door for them to escape. Any guesses on who the inside man is? I'm still thinking it's Michael.

Is this "side effect" of time travel causing it to appear like one is crazy, the sickness that Rousseau’s people had?

Also, I love how Daniel Faraday has Desmond find him in London. It's all Back to the Future-like. I wonder why present day Faraday doesn't remember Desmond though? Why would it take the notes in his notebook to remember? Originally I thought it was the reason why Naomi had the photo of Desmond and Penny when she landed on the island....because Faraday had met him in the past and thought he might be there. Not so sure now that he seems to not remember him. You would think he would remember him from an experience like that, and why Flight 815 was so important (as he recognized it when we saw him watching the news).

So much happened, and I can't wait for the next couple of episodes!!!

Your thoughts?
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