March 3rd, 2008

bird cage

I'm keeping awake

Trev got back on Friday, so I finally got to see him when I got home from work. We ate pizza and watched King of Kong, which was awesome.

I drove us to Fergus on Saturday. Trev's dad had to go into work all weekend because they were moving to a new system, so we were mostly with his mom. We didn't do a whole lot. Trev spent a lot of time working on their computer, and we did a little shopping. We hung out with James and Michelle on Saturday night and played the Sweet Valley High board game from the 80s. Such a blast!

We also bought me an ipod tuner thing so I can listen to it in my car, which is awesome. It works pretty well even though we are in a big city.

I also am happy about some Target clearance notecards and scrapbooking stuff I found. Cheap is good!

Yay for it being March. There is hope that spring is in the near future. You never really know what to expect here in Minnesota though. We could have snow through the rest of the month, or it could warm up to the 60s.